Beth is making a beanbag seat in the shape of a cube. Each side of the seat is 2 feet long. Beth needs to find the volume of the seat so that she can buy the correct amount of beans. Beans are sold in bags that hold 2 cubic feet of beans. How many bags of beans should Beth buy?

Accepted Solution

Answer:4 bag'sStep-by-step explanation:Given the bean bag made by beth is in the shape of cube with each side of the cube equal to 2 feet.Now Also given that each bean bag holds 2 cubic feet of beans.Let the number of bags of beans recquired are xThe total number of beans available are 2x cubic feetNow the volume of the bean bag made by beth is [tex]Volume = side^{3}[/tex]Volume =[tex]2^3[/tex]Volume = 8 cubic feetNow 8 = 2xx = 4Therefore the number of bag's of beans recquired are 4