Make a table of ordered pairs for the equation. y= 1/2x βˆ’ 3 Then plot two points to graph the equation.

Accepted Solution

All you gotta do is pick a random point on the x-axis, lets say, x=2 in this case, and plug it into the equation.

If x=2, y = (1/2)2 - 3 = 2 - 3 = -1
When x = 2, y = -1

Now pick another point, x = 1

x = 1, y = (1/2)1 - 3 = 0.5 - 3 = - 2.5
When x = 1, y = - 2.5

Draw a cross on those 2 points, on the 2d plane
(1, -2.5) and (2, -1)
and draw a line between them, and make the line continue past the points, having no boundaries but the paper you hold, keeping it straight the entire time. With not turns.

If you want to draw out a table, make it have 2 rows, and 6 columns.
Write x in the first column of the first row, and write y in the first column of the second row.

Now, write down a different, random x value, in each column in the first row.
In the second row, in each column, write the y value, that corresponds to the x value given above each individual column, based on the equation
y = 1/2x - 3.